Politics Is Not Sports And Needs No Cheerleaders, On The Left Or The Right

Two opinion pieces came to my attention this morning.  One criticizes political entertainment culture on the right. The other criticizes the left.  No matter where you sit in the political landscape, they are worth a look.

I have long thought that many voters in the US have strange and unhealthy approach to politics.  I have met many folks, on the left and the right, who have a “support your team at all costs” mentality that resembles the affection sports fans have for their team.

The problem with this is that it enables folks at all levels of the political landscape to become blind to inconsistencies and flaws in the candidates and office holders.  The flaws may be regarding policy, corruption, moral issues, etc.  Overlooking flaws and inconsistencies in people on one’s team while excoriating those on the other is ultimately  hypocritical and makes cooperation and finding a workable middle ground very difficult.

We should not be looking at politicians as all star athletes who command undying loyalty.  Passion has little purpose in politics, imo.  Candidates should be evaluated on their positions and their ability to explain them.

Similarly, one should not go looking for news about politics (or any other matter) simply to provide oneself with emotional validation, yet people constantly do this, on the left and the right.


Here is an article by a conservative commentator that does a good job of identifying the problem on the right, in frank terms.


Here is one that says similar things, and rightly so, about some of the rock star lefty tv folks.


Pay attention to the real issues.  Find sober, non hysterical news sources from a variety of perspectives.  Stop supporting a team.

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