Walk And Chew Gum

Much attention has been given in the media to issues concerning the Republican president and his administration’s involvement with Russia, and rightly so.  Coming on the heels of an address to congress laughably considered “presidential,” revelations about AG Jeff Sessions and the Presisdent’s tweets accusing the prior administration of illegal wiretapping have stayed at the top of the news.

While I think it is likely there is fire behind all the Russian smoke swirling around the  White House, there is little I, or any other regular citizens can do about it.  I do  tell my folks in congress that I am concerned when I call them, and keeping the pressure up helps, but ultimately it will be up to Congress to investigate.  The media will also continue to dig on this.  If there is something there, I think it will come out.

In the meantime, there is much going on that warrants our attention.  This article is not meant to be exhaustive, but just an example that there is more going on than the Russia problem.

Some things you may want to  call your congress-folks about:


The administration is considering cuts to Coast Guard and airport security budgets to fund the proposed Mexican border wall.  The border wall has only ever been an attempt to appeal to racist elements of the GOP base and has nothing to do with security.  If you need proof, this would seem to be it.  source

Here is a House Resolution that proposes eliminating the EPA:  HR861

If you look at that house bill, it’s worth drilling up and seeing the whole list of bills that are proposed.  A lot of it is innocuous, but there is plenty of bad stuff hidden in there.


Don’t ignore what is happenig in your state, either.


Here is an article about state bills that may penalize electric car owners.

Here is an article about states attempting to outlaw peaceful protest.


So, once again, while there may be something to the Russia allegations, it may all take a while to shake out.   Even if there is cause for impeachment, and it happens, that still leaves us with a GOP led congress.  Pay attention to everything.







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