What You Can Personally Do About The Environment When Lunatics Run The Asylum

It is no secret that Republicans, both in the White House and in Congress, frequently take positions on climate change and pollution that fly in the face of widely accepted science.  This is especially baffling for those who are from states with a coastline whose cities could someday be direly affected.  See Marco Rubio, for example.

Right now, and for the foreseeable future, we find ourselves in a henhouse guarded by foxes.  What is to be done?

All of the things that harm the environment and drive climate change are the result of behaviors by the population of the world at large, especially those in developed countries.

If people are serious about stopping climate change, there are many behaviors that can be modified to reduce pollution and greenhouse gases.  The more people who do these things, the better off we all are.  Some searching on the internet reveals  a host of articles on what individuals can do.

Think about your water use and try to cut down, especially when brushing teeth or shaving.

Think hard about where you set your thermostat, especially when not at home.

Change the furnace filter regularly.

Don’t drink bottled water, or soda for that matter.  Use a refillable water bottle.

Do not buy  coffee machines that use those stupid little sealed plastic cups.

Don’t eat meat, or cut WAAAYYY back on your meat consumption.   A huge amount of resources goes into and a lot of greenhouse gas emissions results from the production of meat as food.  If you must have meat multiple times a day or week, consider hunting.

If you live where you can walk or ride a bike for errands, do it. Also, plan your shopping so you don’t have to do as much running around.  Just think about the inefficiency of moving the entire weight of a car along with yourself to buy one or two things.

Don’t buy so much disposable junk.  Use what you buy until it wears out.

These are just off the top of my head.  You can find more ideas in minutes by searching the internet.


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