It’s Not Just The Left, Some Conservative Perspectives To Show Your Trump Supporting Friends

This is a time of strange bedfellows.  Yes, Democrats are pretty much 100% in opposition to about anything the President does, but they are not the only ones.  While I certainly don’t agree with everything the following folks have to say all of the time, all of the following articles are written by folks who are solidly conservative or libertarian and who also oppose Trump, or much of what he stands for.

It’s also good to read this stuff and get out of your bubble.


Jennifer Rubin is a staunch conservative who writes a blog for the Washington Post called Right Turn.

Here is a series of her posts, many of which take Trump to task or Republicans who abandon their principles to fall in line.


It’s hard to find a  website or magazine more traditionally conservative than The American Conservative, founded by Pat Buchanan.  Here are four recent articles that are quite critical of the new administration.

Conservatism After Trump

Trump/Australia Pointless Quarrel

Dangerous Obsession With Iran

Essay About The Travel Ban


Evan McMullin, former CIA agent and presidential candidate has always been critical of Trump.  Here is some of what he has to say:

On The Executive Order

On Russia


The following editorial is written by someone I agree with on almost nothing at all, yet he comes out against the travel ban and other Trump related issues.

Trump Bubble Bursts



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