Seriously, Some Sympathy For Trump Voters

I have seen a lot of comments on articles in various places on the web showing little sympathy, and in some cases outright hostility, toward Trump voters who will lose health care for themselves or family.  I know that only a fool wouldn’t have seen this coming and I can understand the “I told you so” gut reaction, but it is ultimately the wrong approach.  It hurts us all when these folks lose their health care, no matter who they voted for.

I have health care through my job, which is in sort of a grey area between blue and white collar. We pay a percentage of the premiums.

If Trump and the GOP in congress make good on their intention to get rid of the ACA and, ahem, replace it with block grants to the states, I can guarantee my premiums and yours will go up. The market will be thrown into chaos and people without coverage will be back to using the ER as their doctors office. Also, people will die because of this.

States like CA, NY and other strong economies may do ok. It is sadly ironic that the people screwed the hardest by this are those in the reddest and poorest states.

Universal, single payer, all-in coverage with the ability for the govt to negotiate costs for services and drugs is the only stable long term solution.

Ridiculing the folks who backed the wrong horse doesn’t get us anywhere closer to having a stable and fair health care system.  Ultimately, the working class folks who voted for Trump have the same needs and concerns as the people who voted for Clinton.  If the poor and middle class ever figured this out and a few politicians attempted to serve those needs, there would be trouble on both sides of the aisle in congress.

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