Buyer’s Remorse

At the bottom of this post is an article a friend shared on Facebook.  The person who wrote this is, I have a feeling, typical of the modern, somewhat educated, but not terribly savvy electorate.

Whatever one thinks of Clinton, I don’t know how one could recognize Trump as anything but a con man.  Have people never seen The Music Man or Marge vs The Monorail?  HIs blustery style charmed the pants off of America, but even the most half-hearted vetting will reveal examples of him contradicting hjimself or saying things that are provably false.

She also said that she would have gladly voted for either Rubio or Sanders.  Really?  The author claims to be a political junky, but doesn’t seem to know much about policy.  They are worlds apart.

Also, I sympathize with her health care plight, but in what reality does she think that a GOP congress or Trump cares about her problems?  It wouldn’t take too much digging around to find out that about the only long term solution to health care costs and keeping everyone covered is single-payer, all-in.  Now, Trump has recently stated he has a plan that will provide “health care for all.”   I wonder if the author believes this.

Lastly, she says she will do all she can to get the word out and make things better.  She mentions mostly social media forms of doing this  but makes no mention of calling her senators and reps in congress.  No mention is made of paying attention to state and local government.

The fact that she got it together enough to write this makes it even more worrisome.  There are a lot of dumber folks out there who can’t put two and two together and probably don’t realize they have been had.

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